We got our start moving/shipping/forwarding/relocating the belongings of military personnel. Today that's still the bulk of our business. Our staff brings more than half a century of combined expertise to every military move we make, whether it's for an unaccompanied baggage shipment or a major household move.

Domestically and overseas, we partner with highly qualified, experienced agents who share our concern for superior customer service. We work with them to ensure that military shipments get in and out of even the remotest countries on time and in excellent condition. We've distinguished ourselves from many a competitor by maintaining quality control on an international scale.

Few shipping/forwarding companies have our expertise with military tariffs and rate filling, either. We take care of every detail thoroughly from the start of a move to its completion.

Our military personnel deserve the best. We see that they get it. Contact Guardian International for the smoothest, simplest, most hassle-free military shipping/forwarding/relocating possible.